Refisa's mission right from the beginning has been to explore the potential of new composite materials, often just shortened to composites, and our main activity is the manufacture of all kinds of products from them. But what exactly are composites? They are the result of joining two materials: resins and reinforcement which is provided by synthetic fibres.
As well as its activities in the world of industry and particularly in railways, Refisa has created two different business areas to complement and respond to the needs of new market segments:
- Customplastic
- Wallnet
Composites provide the following excellent qualities to all types of project:
- Very lightweight, high mechanical resistance.
- Stability and use in all different sizes of project.
- High-quality finish.
- No limit on shape or dimensions.
- Easy to repair.
- Highly fireproof and/or resistant to corrosive products according to the requirements of the client.
- Thermal and electrical insulation.

At Refisa, we study and analyse carefully the needs of each customer. From this study, we produce models and moulds which help us decide on the most suitable process and material for each project; in this way, we offer a wide range of solutions tailor-made to the needs of our customers.

  • Resins (fireproof, epoxy, vinyl ester, isostatic).
  • Reinforcements (fibreglass, carbon, “bee's nest”, foam, etc.).
Procedures (open mould, cold-compressed, RTM, RTM light, infusion, pre-preg, etc.).


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